Grant Application Guidelines
Contact or
Send Application to
Lyon Foundation:
P.O. Box 546
(110-1/2 SE Frank Phillips Blvd.)
Bartlesville, OK 74005
Attn: John B. Kane, President
(918) 336-0066
Any application should be no more than four double-spaced pages and should contain the following information about the proposed project:
     a. Formal ("legal") name of the organization requesting the grant.
     b. Brief description of history and purpose of the organization.
     c. Address and telephone number(s) of applicant.
     d. Name and title of individual responsible for grant application.
     e. Amount of grant requested.
     f. Period for which grant is requested.
     g. Purpose for which grant is requested.
     h. Copy of most current IRS determination letter.
     i. Copy of most recently filed IRS Form 990.
     j. Copy of the applicant's budget for the current year and the year(s) for which grant is                       requested.
     k. Identification of other public or private organizations that have been solicited for the                     same purpose or grant.
     l. Names, positions and affiliations of officers and members of governing body of                                 applicant.
   m. Certification by applicant its exempt status has not changed since the latest                                        determination letter.
Based on a review of the points presented in the application, foundation staff may request additional information. If so, instructions will be provided regarding what information to include and how to present it.
Policy guidelines established by the Lyon Foundation's Board of Directors normally preclude grants for:
          - Ongoing general operating expenses or existing deficits
          - Grants to satisfy existing indebtedness
          - Endowment funds
          - Direct support to individuals/scholarships
          - Projects or programs outside the Bartlesville area
          - Computers or computer related items
(918) 336-4902